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There are many types of Taping techniques in today’s scenario and is being highly practiced by
Physiotherapists, whether it is clinic, hospital or sports field.
Physioneeds Tapedia- Taping Encyclopedia is a new concept in Therapeutic Taping that comprises of
all types of tapes and taping techniques.Tapedia doesn’t stick to old concepts but gives you new
outlook and valid answers to why taping,which tape,when to tape,and how to do taping?
Physioneeds academy brings one of the unique concept of taping in the world, after years of
hardwork by course developers came up with new school of thought , new dimensions , new era of
taping – Anatomical Fascial Line Taping™.Its highly rated taping workstation which gives you instant
results.Its totally different from principle of working of kinesiology taping.
Physioneeds academy is the first and only academy in the world which is providing Anatomical
fascial line taping™ concept.

Course Highlights

Introduction to fascia,fascial components and functioning of fascia.
How the muscles connects to each other through fascial fabrics completely based on western
anatomical understanding.
How forces transmits from one muscle to other and how it is connected.
What are the causes of postural and movement limitation we see in our practice everyday.
Fundamentals of Fascial line taping.
Effect of taping on Anatomical lines.
Assessment of movement patterns.
Preview of Anatomical fascial lines.
Technique of Taping in each fascial line.
Co-relation of Fascia with Biomechanical dysfunctions.

Course Aims & Objectives

AFLT™ course aims at developing therapist skills and open new world of assessment and diagnosis.
To establish a strong relationship between taping and physiotherapy treatment procedures.
To establish a strong applicability of technique which is different, effective and result oriented.
Taping is always thought to be an adjunct to treatment procedures but Fascial lines taping is new
school of thought which provides correction of dysfunctional area.

Course outcome

Creating confidence enough to make you special than others in consideration to assessment and
Participants will be exposed to understanding of role of fascia in human body and efficient
Assess patient on different aspect not only broadens your taping technique but your treatment
procedures as well.
This course will make Myofascial diagnosis in universal way.
Efficient and critical thinking towards technique applications.
Increase in scientific and evident approach.
Be able to save time and cost for treatment using tapes.
Participants will be able to be more varied in taping applications and reasoning.
Participants will be able to set themselves apart from all taping course.
Be able to provide an addition towards improved therapeutic application.
Be a walking encyclopedia on anything and everything tape! .
Professional development by application of these techniques and further researches.


“Working effectively won’t change your way of thinking,
Thinking differently will make you effective”


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Who this is for:

  • Physiotherapists 
  • Exercise Specialists 
  • Rehab Specialists 
  • Strength / Conditioning Coach 
  • Athletic Trainers 
  • Osteopaths 
  • Chiropractors 
  • Medical Practitioners 
  • Sports coach
  • Healthcare professional
  • Manual Therapist 
  • Personal Trainers 
  • Fitness trainer

Students will receive:

  • Simplify the understanding of fascial lines in 4d Anatomy view which gives insight of human body.
  • Coloured study material.
  • Tapedia Kit including tapes,scissors and stationary.
  • Working meals
  • International certificate carrying 8 international credit hours.



  • Theory online/offline Examination
  • Practical- Individual Testing

What is granted upon completion:

  • Certificate of PAFLT
  • Length of course: 24 hours

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