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A-z Knee with Dr. Chakshu

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Dr. Chakshu Bansal

Ph.D Scholar (America), Master in Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal), Certified Dry Needling Practitioner and Instructor (South Africa), Certified Manual Therapist, Certified Taping Master Trainer (Canada), Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Manual Therapist, Certified EMG-NCV therapist (USA), Certified Sport sector trainer(Govt. of India), Academic head & Instructor (KKMT ASIA), Developer Tapedia – Encylopedia certified taping, Co-Author Book on KKMT, Author (Magical Manus), 3 times World record holder.

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Embark on a profound exploration of knee anatomy, biomechanics, and pathology in our A-Z Knees course. Dive into the osteology and biomechanics shaping the knee joint's functionality. Navigate through injuries encompassing muscles, ligaments, and menisci, refining your diagnostic skills. Explore a spectrum of surgical procedures, including meniscectomy, ACL reconstruction, and joint replacement, and grasp the nuances of post-surgical rehabilitation. Delve into pain management strategies and gain expertise in addressing various knee conditions, from neurological to sports-specific. Discover the role of physical therapy, incorporating electrotherapy, manual therapy, and cutting-edge interventions like KKMT and dry needling. This course empowers healthcare professionals to navigate the complexities of knee-related issues, providing a holistic perspective on assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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Course Timeline

**Module 1: Preface and Introduction to Knee Joint**

– Preface

– Introduction to Knee Joint

– Knee Osteology

– Anatomy of Knee (Anterior Aspect)

– Anatomy of Knee (Posterior Aspect)

– Myology of Knee (Anterior Aspect)

– Myology of Knee (Posterior Aspect)

– Q Angle of the Knee

– Assignments

**Module 2: Biomechanics**

– Biomechanical Roles of the Knee Joint Complex

– Arthrokinematics of the Knee

– Osteokinematics of the Knee

– Knee Joint Loading

– Soft Tissue Mechanics

– Bio-Mechanical Faults

– Assignments

**Module 3: Injuries and Deformities**

– Muscle Injury

– Ligament Injury

– Meniscal Injury

– Articular Cartilage Injury

– Osseous Malalignment

– Bony Deformities

– Assignments

**Module 4: Assessment and Diagnosis**

– Orthopedic Assessment of the Knee Joint

– Palpatory Skills

– Bony Landmarks

– Skill Test

– Functional Tests

– Assignments

**Module 5: Knee Pain**

– Orthopedic/Musculo-Skeletal Conditions

– Neurological Condition

– Pediatric Condition

– Geriatric Condition

– Sports-Specific Injuries

– Assignments

**Module 6: Surgical Procedures and PT Rehab**

– Meniscectomy

– Meniscus Repair

– Meniscus Transplant

– Plica Surgery

– Arthroscopic Procedures

– Tendon Repair

– ACL Reconstruction

– Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

– Full Knee Replacement

– Micro Fracture Surgery

– Functional Rehabilitation After Surgeries

– Assignments

**Module 7: Physical Therapy Treatment and Management**

– Role of Electrotherapy

– Role of Manual Therapy

– Advancement in Physical Therapy Interventions and Manual Therapy (KKMT)

– Dry Needling Efficacy in Knee Joint Pain

– Taping in Knee Joint Pain

– IASTM in Knee Joint Pain

– Assignments

**Module 8: Rehabilitation of Knee Joint**

– Aims of Rehabilitation

– Importance of Rehabilitation

– Sports-Specific Rehabilitation

– Other Common Condition Rehabilitation

– Assignments

We are hosting our courses in 112 Countries
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